Airtek Duty Belt – Hero’s Pride


AirTek Deluxe Sam Browne Duty Belt is the lightest leather Duty Belt you’ll ever own. The Inner Hook Lining is crafted with our specialized 33E HP finish and 100% genuine leather to provide lightweight comfort, scratch resistance and durability. Inner suede lining and reinforced row stitching ensures long lasting performance and appearance. Inner hook lining makes it easy to attach inner duty belt for added support and security. Double-tongue buckle securely hitches to the center belt stud and free-sliding keeper neatly keeps belt tip in place for professional appearance.


  • Alternative finish on front part of belt keeps it scratch resistance and lightweight
  • Inner belt design of 100% genuine leather ensures long lasting durability
  • Inner hook lining to easily attach inner duty belt for added support and security
  • Easy maintenance – mild soap and water
  • Available in Smooth or Basket Weave
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